Caesarstone Milan Design Week: The Kitchen of The Future

It is with great excitement that we share with you the final episodes of the 2018 Kitchen Trends design series by Caesarstone. The five-part design series is inspiring and informative and we believe that they are going to assist people in making the best design decisions for their kitchens and homes.

After scouring and filming every inch of Milan Design Week 2018, consulting with the ultimate authorities in design and dissecting the multitude of diverse trends, Caesarstone South Africa is proud to present the predictions of what the Kitchen of the Future has to offer – what it will look like, what it will feel like and how it will contribute to the efficiency of your everyday life.

In conversation with local and international experts, these dialogues offer the latest design innovations to the South African market, and translates them into attainable mood boards; geared to galvanize the viewer into action.

Bigger, greener, smarter and ever so stylish are just a few hints of how the heart of the home is being transformed into a magnificent, and essential, central hub. These are the four essential trends making waves in kitchen design…

Calm Luxe Trends: This is an acutely minimal direction, elevated by careful details and high-quality finishes.

Calm Luxe Trends

Wild Living Trends: We bring the outdoors indoors, via lush vegetation or textured finishes.

Wild Living Trends

Timeless Classic Trends: a fresh, timeless aesthetic, achieved by thoughtful and refined designs.


Timeless Classic Trends

Urban Industrial Trends: This trend sees how the serious industrial aesthetic is taking an experimental and playful stance: heavy construction materials will be softened by light, feminine tints, and fanciful constructions will add a fun element to rough silhouettes.

Urban Industrial Trends

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