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Kitchens Jan 21, 2023

Brabantia: Kitchen Aids to Keep You Cooking

Keep it simple in the kitchen with these useful kitchen aids from Brabantia.


One of the most important tools in the kitchen is of course asharp knife– this is a great lesson for anyone starting out in the kitchen. Followed by lesson two: let the knife do the work.



There’s nothing worse than achopping boardthat has no grip or is too small! Luckily there areBrabantia’s TASTY+ kitchen aids. All the tools you need in the kitchen in all kinds of lovely colours.


Brabantia’s microfibre wipes are an indispensable cleaning aid in the kitchen! Cleans any surface, even without detergents. A microfibre cloth absorbs up to 7 times its own weight, so you can wipe your kitchen sink dry in an instant.


kitchen sink organizer actually has the same function as the handy tray in the bathroom, for all your bathroom accessories. However, these counter trays can also be hung in the sink. There are holes in the bottom of the tray for the water running into the sink. If you prefer to put the sink tray on the counter, there’s a water collection tray too.


If you find cooking boring, these cute tools will certainly change that. What about the cool, fresh green soup ladle or a dusky-pink spatula, for example? They make my kitchen look super cosy and they are also really convenient to use. The biggest advantage of TASTY+ is that many of the kitchen aids can do two jobs, which saves time, space and washing up. What more could you want? For example, there’s a spatula with a built-in fork – handy for baking and turning over that one potato that refuses to play ball, a cake server with a cutting edge, and a soup spoon that you can also scrape the corners of the pan with. Handy, right? And remember – another wise lesson: good kitchenware is half the work, so it’s worth the investment. After all, you need it every day.

Perfectionist or not, it’s always a good idea to get the basics to help you out in the kitchen.

Find these and other great kitchen aids online at Brabantia.



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