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Kitchens Jun 23, 2022

Blum: Age Explorer: Perfect Motion For Years To Come

Predict your future needs in the kitchen with AGE EXPLORER by Blum. This age simulator will ensure perfect motion for years to come.

It is very difficult for all kitchen users, especially people with movement restrictions, to remove items from a shelf in the base cabinet. Deep bending down to the knees is often required, the view of items is poor and you often have to remove part of the cabinet contents to get to items that you want at the back. Full extensions such as TANDEMBOX, however, offer a better view of the entire cabinet contents as well as optimal access.

A new kitchen is usually a big purchase. Once installed, it’s hard to change. Kitchens last about 20 years on average. So your kitchen should not only meet your current requirements, but also those of the future. To predict those future needs, it’s a good idea to investigate the requirements of kitchen users of all ages. Blum uses an age simulator – the AGE EXPLORER® – to this end.

Know today what your requirements might be tomorrow

The AGE EXPLORER® allows you to actually feel what it’s like to have physical limitations. Wear the suit and find out for yourself what special needs you will have when, for example, using your kitchen. AGE EXPLORER® is a trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.

Feel the impact of old age within minutes

Various components simulate physical limitations such as stiff joints, muscle fatigue and impaired vision and hearing. To keep the simulation as realistic as possible, the suit is worn for at least 2 hours.

Products that offer top-quality motion for everyone

The AGE EXPLORER® supports the development of products that provide long-term, ergonomic benefits to kitchen users. The insights we gain from AGE EXPLORER tests are therefore incorporated into the development of new products.

Think ahead when buying a new kitchen

Make sure you have the right equipment before you buy your new kitchen, and everyday kitchen use will be easy and enjoyable for many years to come.

Kitchen chores made easy

Tests have shown that shelves in base units are a problem, especially for people with movement limitations. Pull-outs are thus more ergonomic and easier to use. Wall cabinets with lift systems will also give you easy access to interiors. They are easy to open and glide up and out of your way. AVENTOS lift systems hold in any position and close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION.

Bending and kneeling down can be quite a hassle. Blum’s SPACE CORNER cabinet is thus extremely practical. Items such as bowls, provisions and even cooking utensils can subsequently be stored away and removed with ultimate ease.

Furthermore, you can open pull-outs with your hip, knee or toe with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical or TIP-ON BLUMOTION mechanical opening support system. A single touch suffices. No hands, no bending down. Easy.

Interested in testing the suit yourself? Make an appointment with BLUM  Showroom Specialist, Charlene le Roux.

E-mail: enquiries.bza@blum.com

Find out more about AGE EXPLORER at Blum.


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