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BIBO: You Can Come Out Now

 It’s that time of year again. The time when those little purple buds are beginning to bloom. The time when we start to emerge from our blanketed-overdressed-cocoons, all bleary-eyed, pasty-skinned, and “is it over, can we come out yet?” attitude.

Yes, winter is finally going to the Northern Hemisphere, and spring is making her way towards us.

And when we think of spring, we think picnics, outdoor adventures, warm smells and sparkle.

Oh, how we love us some sparkle. Kind of like the sparkle from a BIBO fizz go.

The BIBO fizz go is your divine, must-have spring accessory. A sleek hand-held carbonator for water, the BIBO fizz go promises to add that little extra spring sparkle. It’s lightweight and compact, easily fitting into any piece of luggage or basket, and simply perfect for all those upcoming outdoor adventures.

With a simple twist and carbonate function, this soon-to-be-best-friend is the easiest appliance you could take along with you, yet will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Not just anyone has homemade sparkling water on a hike…

Available in red velvet or pearl white, the BIBO fizz go is the ideal spring accessory to accompany those purple jasmines.

And the best part is, the BIBO fizz go is currently on special. Pick up your spring sparkle for just R499.00 instead of the usual R665.00.

So go grab your sunscreen, put on a tee and we’ll meet your outside.

Buy the BIBO fizz go here.





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