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Kitchens Jul 29, 2023

BiBo Water : Hello Silence, My Old Friend

Deep breaths: The three-week thrill ride of school holidays has finally come to a grinding halt. Whether your little darlings had you (re)building sand castles in Umhlanga or rekindling your love for board games in a cabin in the Drakensburg, chances are, you’re craving some much-needed downtime.

Welcome to your post-holiday paradise. You’ve survived the chaos; now it’s time to revel in the calm. They’re the teacher’s problem now – and this is the opportunity for a cozy, comforting, sip-by-satisfying-sip start to YOUR well-earned break.

Don’t book your trainer back just yet, and hold off on the PDF to “Crocheting for Beginners” – instead start by cherishing those small moments of joy, like finally having time to savour that cuppa in peace.

Are you craving your water hot enough to perfectly brew a comforting Five Roses, or perhaps cold enough to make a rejuvenating iced coffee? Meet your new best friend, the BIBO bar. Here to provide you with pure, delicious, and most importantly, peaceful water moments thanks to its top-notch filtration and purification technology.

This sleek device not only enhances your kitchen aesthetics but also provides an endless supply of water in a manner that is kind to Mother Earth.

Next up, meet the BIBO Fizz. For those days when plain water just won’t cut it, and you need some sparkle in your life (remember homework has started again, too.) The BIBO Fizz lets you inject the bubbly spirit into any drink, (wink to wine) – not just water.

Finally, it’s the BIBO Express. This gem is for those who crave their beverages piping hot, right on demand. (At least someone listens to you in this house). Its advanced technology ensures zero wastage of water, energy, and most importantly, your time. It’s efficient, it’s stylish, and it’s rapidly becoming a household favorite.

So, while the kids march back to school, remember: the serenity of your own space is back. As you wrap your fingers around that steaming mug, courtesy of your BIBO, here’s a toast to the best post-holiday reality yet. Cheers, parents, you’ve earned this!




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