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Nov 6, 2019

BIBO: Do Sock Puppets Count?

Do sock puppets count? The end of the year is approaching. And with it comes the promise of fun times, family bonding and of course…presents.

Now, you may be one of those people we’ve read about in books or heard stories passed down from our grandparents; the kind who do their shopping in July, and come December time all you have to do is get them from the back of your cupboard.

Or you could be like us.

The last-minute scramble to find the perfect gift for that uncle you don’t even like. The pep talk you have to give yourself in the car on the way to the mall – hoping that this year everyone else bought their gifts already, and it’ll just be you in the store. The one who wonders if homemade sock puppets will fly with your married, grown-up kids…

Well, fret not – for this year we have your back.

Each of the BIBO products offers something unique and different for the special people in your life. So, pour yourself a cuppa, get online, and do all your gift shopping from the comfort of your home.

The BIBO bar:

Our BIBO bar is not only a kettle, water cooler and filter in one; it is also environmentally friendly, pure, perfect for babies and sexy as hell. It also comes in almost any colour you can think of and makes the perfect kitchen accessory. So pick someone you love, and get clicking.

For more info on the BIBO bar, click here.

The BIBO Express:

We all have that person in our life who is rarely seen without a cup of something hot in their hands. Well, luckily for them, they have you as a mate, and you have access to the BIBO express. Let them enjoy unlimited, boiling water from one of the most good-looking machines out there. Mounted on any wall – anywhere.

For more info on the BIBO express, click here.

The BIBO fizz:

For the one who sparkles. The one who likes some extra fizz in their drink, and the one who loves the outdoors. The BIBO fizz will add some bubble to any drink you can imagine. Bring out the wines, ice-teas and water and let’s have a party.

For more info on the BIBO fizz, click here.

So forget about the mall, keep your pep talks for another occasion and throw away those socks.

BIBO’s got you.






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