BIBO: Baby And Cat Are Best Friends

Baby and Cat are Best Friends.

Ok, so you waited.

We’ve all done it, don’t be so hard on yourself. And now you’re reading random things on the internet instead of shopping. Again. We’ve been there.

But luckily for you, this random thing you came across, is going to take all that stress away. It’s going to allow you to spend even more time on the internet (look out YouTube cat videos) and it’s also going to make your friends and family very very happy.

Now, aren’t you glad you waited to buy those holiday gifts?

At BIBO, we have the perfect gift for each special person in your life. And the good news is, our products are so pretty – you don’t even need to wrap them.

So here goes:

Close your eyes and picture the friend or family member who makes you smile. The one who bubbles over, the one who just loves life. That person needs a BIBO fizz. The fizz is a special product, and one of our faves, as it has the unique ability to add bubble to absolutely anything. Be it water, ice-tea or even wine, the BIBO fizz will add the sparkle. Buy it here.

For the mate who loves their exotic teas and double, pure, folded-over, hand-picked and roasted international coffees. Or the family member who likes the glossy, finer things in life. For them, you need to get a BIBO express. The express boasts unlimited boiling water, which means unlimited talks over unlimited cups of that very, very limited edition coffee. Trust us, they’ll love it. Buy it here.

And now for the bestie, the preferred sibling, the parent you really want to spoil. Get yourself to favourite child status by buying them the BIBO bar. The bar is an all in one kettle, water-cooler and filter. It comes in almost every single colour and will become the main focus of any kitchen. Impress them with the best and buy it here.

Shopping done. Now put away your wallet and get Google searching, “baby and cat are best friends” trust us, you won’t regret it.

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