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Kitchens Aug 4, 2023

Waste no more with Brabantia

At the forefront of innovative, user-friendly, solution-oriented homeware, Brabantia  has developed an extensive range of waste solutions, such as waste bins, over the years.

“With hundreds of possible combinations of shape, colour, size, and handy features, you can find a Brabantia bin that suits your exact needs and blends perfectly with the style of your home,” explains the company.

This includes waste paper bins, pedal bins and touch bins in red, beige, black, gold, fingerprint-proof matt steel and more.

But why choose a Brabantia waste bin specifically?

Well, apart from the wide range of designs available, Brabantia waste bins also come with intelligent easy-clean, odour-proof technologies, as well as a substantial warranty.

In addition, many of the designs are friendlier on the planet – allowing users to effortlessly recycle, for instance. 

The Brabantia Sort & Go Stackable Bin is one such product. 

“Do you want to separate waste but don’t want to waste space on lots of bins? Brabantia sorts your problem with the new Sort & Go Stackable Bins in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Fir Green and Jade Green. This new, 20L addition to the Sort & Go family is stackable, strong, and goes anywhere! Like under your desk for plastics or paper – it is made to fit A4 size. Simply stack the bins to create your ideal recycling station,” explains the company of the easy-to-use recyclable bins that take up minimum floor space.

“We all want to separate waste, but we don’t want to fill our floors with bins and boxes for sorting it. That is why we’ve come up with these stackable bins. Stack it, sort it, love it,” says category manager waste manager Valerie Denys.

“The Sort & Go Stackable bin can easily be mixed and matched with other bins from the Sort & Go family. The plastic Sort & Go Recycle Bins come in seven sizes, and four colours. 

“The 3-litre and equally cute 6-litre bin with stay-open lid is perfect for the disposal of organic waste, right on the kitchen counter. While you can use the 12- and 16-litre bins for bottles, cans, packaging or anything else you want sorted, for instance,” says Brabantia.

It’s the easiest way to organise waste your way.

All Brabantia Sort & Go bins come with a 10-year guarantee.


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