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Kitchens Aug 25, 2020

Top 7 Gadgets & Tools Every Kitchen Must Have

A kitchen is every woman’s delight as she can mix up unique recipes and ingredients to make a delicious sumptuous meal. However, this delight doubles up when a kitchen has the right accessories and tools that will help her to cook faster and easier. Be it the three-blade peeler, the multipurpose chopping board or an oil container, there are many unique kitchen gadgets and accessories that complete a kitchen.

Inviting guests for dinner or lunch would require an excellent mean preparation and presentation of exquisite dishes. As such, there are kitchen tools not only for cooking and baking but also for tools that make the dish preparation and the presentation process elegant. Tools like instant pot, baking essentials, chopper and dicer make the process of cooking faster. Some gadgets make cleaning up the kitchen more comfortable and a fun task. Dishwashers and kitchen scrubbers ensure your kitchen remains clean and the dishes free from any food particles.

The below-mentioned accessories are a must-have in every dream kitchen!

Coffee Maker:

The coffee maker is an excellent substitute for paying expensive bucks at a coffee store and useful for people who love to brew their coffee. All you need to add are coffee beans, water or milk and set it for a couple of hours to get the perfect coffee. Different coffee makers have different coffee brewing techniques. Out of them, the four most popular kinds are Drip, French Press, Single Serve and Espresso coffee makers. Grab the one that suits your favourite coffee and start brewing!

Water Filter:

A new and useful kitchen tool is the faucet water filter. These water filters are an inexpensive substitute for the electric water filter systems. An environment-friendly way of getting healthy water, the faucet water filter quickly kills germs, microorganisms and removes chlorine from water through its filter cartridge.

Also, there is no chance of wasting water when you use this cool kitchen tool as the best faucet water filter ensures you use the required amount of water without any leakages. You can fit this water filter in your kitchen water tap in minutes. Grab the stylish faucet water filter from the collection of beautiful faucet designs and make your kitchen a trendier place to be!

Three-blade Peeler:

Peelers are perhaps the best kitchen appliance one can ever have! Three blades peeler comes with three different blades for effective peeling. This tool is suitable to peel both hard and soft skins from fruits and vegetables in a single stroke. Where using a knife both for chopping and peeling a vegetable becomes mundane, the peeler eases the tedious task.  Some three-blade peelers also have julienne blades to slice more delicate pieces of fruits and vegetables.


Are you fed up of buying bottles of juice now and then? If your answer is yes, then we bring you the best solution for that! It is the must-have kitchen gadget ‘juicer’. A juicer is an excellent tool for people who regularly drink juice and extract the sap of fruits and vegetables. Whether it is to refresh yourself with juice on a hot summer day or extract the juices of any vegetable for a recipe, this fabulous kitchen gadget comes handy.

Oil Sprayer:

A refillable oil sprayer is a cool gadget for the dream kitchen. It is useful to avoid any oil spills and heavy use of oil in foods. Just spray the amount of oil required for cooking light, and there will never be oil wastage. The oil sprayer is a solution to healthy eating as it also prevents the use of too much oil in cooking.

Multifunction Opener:

We often work hard to open up stuck caps of sauce bottles or to open the jar lids. In such a situation, an opener is the best kitchen tool for use. It is useful to loosen stuck bottle caps, lift soda tops and break open seals of jar lids. It is a multifunction tool for the kitchen and makes cooking way much more relaxed.

Steam Mop:

Cooking can lead to messy kitchens with stains, oil and sauce spill across the kitchen board and a long day of scrubbing those stubborn marks! This kitchen tool is a perfect solution to make your kitchen sparkling. The steam mop cleaning tool enables steam cleaning, which is one of the practical and natural cleaning techniques. It removes stubborn stains and dirt from any surface, be it marble, tile, wood or laminate. The mop cleans twice the amount the usual mop washcloth can ever do. 


Grab these cool kitchen gadgets now to bring a unique personality to your cooking place and make it a desirable corner of your home. With these in your kitchen, you can call guests for any meal and forget worrying about preparation and messy cleaning processes later!

 Emma Willson is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the home & lifestyle industry. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge & tips across the world. Apart from writing, she loves traveling, styling & cooking.  


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