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Kitchens Dec 1, 2021

“Tis the season to be jolly.”

We’re not sure which elf came up with that line, but he was obviously very drunk. We say that because anyone who is prepping for this festive season will be aware that while there’s LOTS to be jolly about, more often than not – this time can be stressful as well.

Maybe it’s the first time you’re having the fam all together in a while, maybe you’re going to the in-laws for dinner, maybe it’s just friends this year – regardless of the maybes, we reckon that adding some delicious cocktails to the mix is bound to make any event…better.

The BIBO fizz is the miraculous little gadget that can turn any and all beveragesinto sparkling glasses of delight. And sure, we could give you a couple of recipes for waters or iced teas (because it does that too), but honestly, where’s the fun in THAT?

So we gathered our top three cocktail recipes that the BIBO fizz can enhance and put them together for a special-edition, much-needed, much-wanted, festive season blog. We hope you enjoy it.

Read responsibly 😉

The Gin Fizz

For the perfect summers eve, or a kickstart to the day (we don’t judge), the Gin Fizz is a delightful little cocktail that will have all your guests thinking you’re the Gordon Ramsay of cocktails. But meaner.

You’ll need:


Simple syrup (the sugar and water kind)

Egg Whites

Water fizzed by the BIBO fizz

Lemon wedge


Add all ingredients except for the lemon wedge and the water into a shaker tin. Dry shake the ingredients together to emulsify the egg whites. Add ice to the tin

and shake some more. Strain into a glass and add some fresh ice. Top with your fizzy water and stir. Garnish with lemon and serve. Bask in the compliments and smile serenely.

The Bubbly Mojito

Contrary to popular belief, the Mojito isn’t just for a girl’s night out at the club. This fresh and minty little minx is also the ideal cocktail to impress the in-laws, or simply get drunk enough so you don’t care.

You’ll need:

Fresh mint

Lime juice


Simple syrup

BIBO fizzed water


Simply muddle mint (that’s mashing it, to you and us) add the lime juice, rum, and syrup and shake it in a cocktail shaker. Then top off the glass with your fizzed water and serve to a room full of gasps.

Vodka Soda

If you’re watching your weight, or simply just found a bottle of vodka in the freezer and want to impress, the vodka soda is your drink! It’s super simple to make, and even simpler to get your guests whispering in awe, “Is she a wizard?”

You’ll need:


Lime juice

BIBO fizzed water



Here goes: Put these ingredients in a glass. Serve. High-five yourself for being a top-notch host. Now that you’re just tipsy enough that the words have become blurry (you obviously had to try them out before, we get it). We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a safe, healthy and happy festive season. We hope it’s wonderful.




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