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Kitchens Mar 29, 2024

This May Get Us Cancelled with Bibo Water.


We’re just going to come out and say it. (Deep breath…)

Paper straws are horrible to use.

Now, we know that may get us cancelled, but quite frankly, if it means we don’t have to get a mouthful of paper every time we sip an iced coffee, it may well be worth it.

But saving the environment, and being able to smugly proclaim that you’re eco-conscious too, is a pretty great feeling with Bibo Water. We get it. It means you’re doing your part to help the dolphins, and impress your mother-in-law at the same time.

That’s why we’ve made sure that going green is as easy as pressing a button on your BIBO bar. Forget the guilt-trip ads and the doomsday documentaries; we’re about making sustainability as delightful as an iced coffee sans paper!

With the BIBO bar, it’s not just about sipping on pure, filtered perfection; it’s about toasting to the environment with every gulp. It’s about giving the electric kettle the cold shoulder and slicing your energy bills and your carbon footprint down to size. Saving the planet while you save pennies — who knew being eco-friendly could feel so good?



You’re also showing the plastic predicament who’s boss.
With the BIBO bar in your kitchen, it’s a stand against the mountain of plastic bottles that have been piling up like unwelcome guests at a braai. With every glass from the BIBO bar, you’re holding up a middle finger to bottled water and its carbon-heavy footprint.

So, as you revel in the crisp taste of water that’s been through the high-tech hoopla of filtration and purification, remember this: you’re not just hydrating, you’re helping. You’re part of a tribe that’s chosen to guzzle down the good stuff without guzzling down the planet’s resources. And isn’t that something to feel smug about as you rescue another dolphin with your eco-conscious choices?



In the grand tapestry of life, where every thread counts, your BIBO bar is that vibrant strand that says, ‘Hey, I look good, I do good, and guess what, I taste good too!’
(In your face, Taylor Swift, with your private jet!)

So let’s drink up and make every drop a high-five to health and sustainability. With BIBO, you’re not just on the eco-bandwagon; you’re driving it – with no paper straws needed. Ever.

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