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Kitchens Mar 7, 2022

Pick a mood, any mood. BIBO Water.

We humans are emotional wrecks. There. We said it. We run hot and cold and everything in between. Our moods may be dependent on a spouse’s day at work, on how our kid’s playdate went at Jasper’s house, or simply if you excitedly opened your fridge to eat last night’s takeout, only to realize you’d already consumed it.

Our mood, like the times, are always a-changin’.

So BIBO decided to provide the perfect, innovative water solution to match our ever changing emotions. You feel it: They have a product for it.

The BIBO bar (Mood: out to impress)

Your mom-in-law will love it. But if that’s not reason enough to buy the incredibly innovative BIBO bar, perhaps the fact that it truly is the latest technology in water purification and dispensing, will do it. With just a touch of a button, gain instant access to both ice-cold and boiling hot water. And it also happens to be the sexiest thing on your countertop.

The BIBO fizz (Mood: Let’s party)

Only fancy people sparkled. Until now. Because with the BIBO fizz, anyone can enjoy an extra bubble in their drink. Offering soda machines, that are designed specifically for those who love some fizz, finally there is something available that caters to your budget, your health, and your craving for something bubbly.

The BIBO express (Mood: “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee”)

Love unlimited hotness, but hate the sound of whining before 8am? Thought so. The BIBO express is your unlimited boiling water source, boasting some of the most advanced features of its kind. Not only beautiful to look at, but the BIBO express is also safe, green, instant and can be mounted on any wall, anywhere.

It’s time to tell your spouse, Jasper and Ken from the pizza shop, that what they do don’t matter. You’ve got this. And BIBO’s got you.





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