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New year, same you.

Well not really, but we feel that if we had written the same old “new year, new you” you would have scoffed and scrolled on by. But please don’t scoff, and please don’t scroll, for we do have a bit of wisdom to impart regarding a new year and a new you – and we think you’re going to like it.


When it comes to New Year resolutions, we find that people tend to set the bar a little high. The chances of you going to the gym 14 times a week…are not great. The idea that you’re going to give up whatever substance you’ve been hooked on for the last 10 years, is nice, but again, a tad unrealistic.


So what if we told you, you could literally change your life, become a more wholesome, better person and all it would take was some water? New year, new you baby.


With BIBO.


At BIBO, we aim to make the world – and the world’s humans – healthier, simpler, more environmentally friendly and classier. And we do it through our innovative and ridiculously good-looking products.


The BIBO bar:

Besides for coming in nearly any colour you could imagine, the BIBO bar is a phenomenal product in that you can get boiling, ice-cold and ambient water with just the touch of a button. Drinking water is easy when it’s this convenient to do so.


The BIBO fizz:

Some people just don’t like the taste of plain water, and that’s ok – we don’t judge, we just help. So what if we told you, that we have a product that will turn drinking water – and anything else really – into a genuinely fun and bubbly experience, by carbonating it. The BIBO fizz caters to your health, your budget and your need for something sparkling.


The BIBO express:

Some of us get our water through the countless cups of tea and coffee that we consume throughout the day. And to that we say, bring on the unlimited boiling water source. The BIBO express is the most stylish thing to grace your walls and will provide you with endless cups of whatever you need, as well as endless happiness.


Drinking water is essential to your health, this we know. It delivers oxygen to the brain, helps you lose weight, keeps your energy levels up and helps maintain blood pressure.



So we know we need to do it.


But now we can do it in style.




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