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Kitchens Mar 7, 2024

Liebherr: A fusion of design and technical performance

The concept of open-plan kitchens means that the boundaries between the kitchen and living room are becoming increasingly fluid, making it even more important for people to have visually attractive appliances. Liebherr has recognised this growing trend and offers appliances that are characterised by their technical innovation and by their distinctive interplay of colour, design and materials.


The refrigerator as a design object

Open-plan kitchens require design-pieces to interact with their environment. Lifestyle, as a concept, has developed far beyond fashion, accessories, travel, cars etc. to encompass cooking and enjoying food with family and friends. Nowadays, in many homes, the kitchen is not just the work-hub but also the centre of life – a place to eat, chat with friends, and even hold parties.

Liebherr appliances, whether integrated or freestanding, never fail to inspire awe and interest with their innovative interior features and high-quality, stylish looks. The company develops all new designs itself, in state-of-the-art development centres, at various production sites. And, when developing new technologies, customers’ wishes and requirements are always a priority.

Awards and accolades

Liebherr appliances are regularly recognised, receiving awards for their high design quality and superb innovation, by the likes of the Red Dot Award, the Plus X Award, the iF product design award, the Interior Innovation Award, and the Kitchen Innovation Award from the Lifecare Initiative.

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