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Kitchens Aug 26, 2023

It’s Wexit*

*Warning: Read this quietly, lest we jinx anything…

The jasmine is juuuuust starting to bloom, our weather app shows temperatures out of the single digits, and we’ve taken that extra blanket off our beds.

It’s finally, maybe, hopefully, nearly time to emerge from our overdressed cocoons, all bleary-eyed, pasty-skinned, and with a “Is it over? Can we come out yet?” mindset.

Yes, winter is indeed heading to the Northern Hemisphere, and spring is tentatively making her way towards us.

When we think of spring, we think of picnics, outdoor adventures, warm scents, and sparkle. Oh, how we love us some sparkle.

The BIBO fizz… it’s got sparkle.

The end of August makes it so much easier to ensure that the glass is always half full with something delicious. And the BIBO fizz will add bubbles to any drink. Whether it’s tea infusions, fruit juice, water, that flat beer from last night’s braai, leftover Fanta, or even wine – BIBO’s patented fizz infuser creates a controlled release of pressure, allowing you to carbonate any beverage. Plus, it fully adapts to your preferences, letting you select the amount of fizz in your drink.

But wait – there’s more. It doesn’t require electricity or batteries, is a breeze to clean, and is easy to use – meaning even Eskom can’t flatten our spirits or drinks. The BIBO fizz looks damn good too (mirroring how you’ll look in that summer outfit you’ve envisioned all winter). Sleek, stylish, and compact, it truly is the ideal accessory for any kitchen counter.

As we emerge from winter, feeling a tad flat (We said fLat!), it’s the perfect moment tointroduce some fizz. Leave the control to the fizz infuser, so you can lose yours in the upcoming warmer days.

Bubbles up!




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