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Kitchens Jul 27, 2021

Homework – Finding the Balance between Home Life and Work Life

There have been many debates over the years of what the future of work will look like, but little of these took into account the pace at which things would change. The worldwide somersault of 2020 not only forced us to abandon our favourite hangouts, but for many of us, our workplaces too. Our homes have now turned into the centre of our universe – where work, workouts, schooling and leisure have to, somehow, cohesively coexist.

It is of no surprise then, that we have started to rethink our homes and are seeing an increase in home improvement projects and purchases, and why we’ll talk about one of our favourites here from BIBO.

The lust-worthy BIBO bar has become a residential must-have. The BIBO bar is not only incredibly beautiful to look at – which helps when you’re confined to your four walls – but offers a ton of benefits to enhance the way you live. The first is that the BIBO bar is a healthy choice.

With its double filtration system, the BIBO bar uses the latest purification technology to provide you with endless cups of pure delicious water. So many people have reported to increase their water consumption after purchasing a BIBO bar thanks to it being so easy to use and great to taste. By changing people’s drinking habits, it’s healthy for the planet too.


One less plastic water bottle used is one less plastic bottle that will pile up somewhere. But what makes the BIBO bar truly special in times like these is how incredibly convenient it is. It takes one more thing off your hands. No more waiting for the kettle to boil – the BIBO bar offers you boiling water on tap for your necessary cup of coffee while you rush from one zoom to the next. Similarly if it’s ice-cold water you’re after, the BIBO bar provides that too with just a touch of a button. In fact whatever your preferred water temperatures are, the

BIBO bar can be customised to your taste and personalised to your favourite cup sizes. So while you’re juggling the whole life/work balance thing, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. With options to rent or buy, BIBO makes it incredibly easy to get your home spruced up with this showstopper. If you haven’t already looked into it, you should. So is working from home here to stay? Well we’ll have to wait and see, but while we do, at least you won’t have to wait for your favourite drink. Find out more at www.bibo.co.za




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