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Kitchens Sep 1, 2022

Euro Appliances: Upgrade Your Kitchen with Gaggenau

Is it time to upgrade your kitchen? Then you would love the elegant and smooth lines of the Gaggenau appliances. The brand is renowned for exceptional quality in all its products. Luxury oven designs, high-end cooktops and modern fridges all form part of the brand’s portfolio, some of which we briefly introduce below.

German engineering is appreciated around the world, and for good reason. Gaggenau appliances uphold this reputation for precision engineering. Who doesn’t want functionalities like removable knobs or induction stovetops in their modern kitchen? Let’s start by taking a glimpse into the Gaggenau world of cooling.

400 Vario series of fridges, freezers and combination fridge-freezers

Did we mention wine climate cabinet systems as well? Each of the cooling appliances has been designed with the contemporary upper-end kitchen in mind. Modular designs add an extra layer of functionality for Gaggenau appliances. You can combine units to meet your functional cooling and interior design needs. With an overall minimalistic style, the cooling appliances easily integrate into the modern kitchen environment.

The Gaggenau cooling appliances feature touch and press opening functionality, doing away with old-style handles that detract from the smooth lines of ultra-modern kitchen environments. Should you prefer a handle on the door, you don’t have to settle for a bulky one. With Gaggenau, every feature is the perfection of elegance. The handles are still hidden and come with pull-to-open assist functionality.

What sets the cooling appliances apart is the stainless steel finish. Not only does this mean the appliances suit any kitchen interior well, but it is also rust-free cooling. The interior is just as impressive with a combination of transparent glass shelving and anthracite aluminium elements. Of course, elegance is worth zero if there is no functionality. In this regard, it is still top-of-the-line as the Gaggenau appliances also feature freshwater dispensers. To make sure the water dispensers remain visible even when the kitchen light is off, the brand has included ambient illumination of the dispensing area.

Other features that set these fridges a notch above the rest include the energy efficiency of the appliances,  customisation of shelving and the ability to combine units to match your cooling needs. The brand’s cooling appliances are made at the BSH Bosch Plant in Turkey, rubbing shoulders with other top brands also produced at this plant.

The 400 series Gaggenau appliances for cooking

Although the brand has taken inspiration from professional cooking environments, its stoves and ovens for private kitchens are highly functional. As with the freezers, the brand offers hands-free door systems for easier opening and closing, using just one touch. With a casserole pan in your hands, you don’t have to think of an innovative way to open the oven door – simply press slightly and it will open as if at your command.

Gaggenau appliances are also made with safety in mind, evident in the thick glass design that keeps the outer layer of the oven glass cool enough to touch. With Home Connect functionality, you can set the oven and monitor cooking remotely. This way your stove can do its magic while you’re out and about. Precision technology makes it possible to measure the core temperature of dishes within a one-degree range, giving you maximum control to achieve cooking perfection.

These ovens also feature automatic cooking programs, ensuring every dish can be prepared as if in a master-chef kitchen.

Gaggenau appliances for optimal cooking convenience: microwave ovens

Do you want an oven that offers broiling, steaming, cooking, heating and microwave functions? You can have it with the combi-microwave oven that prepares food in a third of the time it takes with a conventional oven. The 400-series combi-microwave oven is convenience at its best. Save as many as 50 of your favourite recipes or take it one step further by setting a sequence of cooking and times for maximum convenience.

These are only a few of the Gaggenau appliances available through Euro Appliances. Fit your entire kitchen with the dream functionalities of this superior brand, including vacuum drawers, wine cabinets and fully automatic espresso machines.

View the Gaggenau range here for more information or reach out to speak to an expert from Euro Appliances today.

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