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Kitchens Mar 6, 2023

Euro Appliances Miele


Doing the laundry is a necessary daily chore, but with the ever rising cost of living, it has never been so crucial to invest in a washing machine that not only cleans your laundry effectively, but one that is also as efficient as possible.

It is imperative that you choose one that is as cost-effective to run as possible, says Mark from Euro Appliances. He adds that energy efficient models also dovetail beautifully with residential solar power installations, which is a great solution for loadshedding. Miele owns a leading role in the field of sustainable laundry care – Miele’s washing machines offer best-in-market consumption, but also offer top-class performance and the ultimate in user convenience.


These washing machines also feature a second inlet valve for connection to hot water, allowing further power savings of up 65% to be achieved. In total, average electricity consumption based on the energy label has dropped over the past 20 years by a whopping 72%! At the same time, the machines adjust the water volume effectively to the load size, which not only saves time, it also reduces electricity bills.

For the ultimate return on investment, the washing machine that you choose should be built to last, and because Miele puts all of their appliances through rigorous testing, you are guaranteed to invest in a product that will last for decades.

With a Miele Washing Machine and Tumble dryer you won’t just be saving money on detergent, electricity and water, but the longevity of your clothing will also substantially increase. The Miele washing machine cycles are so gentle that you can even wash a rose without damaging it. Visit  any one of the Euro Appliances showrooms in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Cape Town and ask the experts to show you why people all around South Africa and the world is trusting Miele for their laundry needs, or reach out to them on sales@euroappliances.co.za for more information.


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