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Kitchens Mar 15, 2021

Euro Appliances: How To Aim For Better Hygiene At Home

Liam Gawne from Miele offers an overview on how appliances can help you make your homes more hygienic and increasingly safe from viruses.

With the threat of the Corona Virus, more and more homeowners are looking to appliances to help them make their homes more hygienic. Miele’s latest range of dishwashers, washing machines and steam ironing systems efficiently eliminate more than 99.9% of viruses – a fact that has been scientifically endorsed by the University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen in Germany.

Demands for hygiene around the home have reached high levels and, indeed, further increased during the current pandemic, says Miele’s Liam Gawne: “Hygienically sparkling crockery and clean laundry engenders trust and confidence and creates a sense of security in everyday life. And now, the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences has conducted a scientific investigation into whether dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele meet these high demands – and the independent Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H) awarded Miele its gold seal of approval. In fact, Miele’s FashionMaster steam ironing system was awarded its seal in silver, the highest award going to a product in this category.”

This hygiene seal is exclusively granted to products whose high performance in protecting against viruses has been scientifically proven, explains Liam: “It requires that 99.9% or more of viruses are reliably deactivated. This comprises enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, influenza and Noro viruses. Sophisticated spray technology and high wash temperatures on Miele dishwashers ensure dependable and hygienic cleaning results. In the ‘Hygiene‘ and ‘Intensive’ programmes with wash temperatures exceeding 70°C, more than 99.9% of all pathogens are deactivated. Enveloped viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2, are even rendered harmless in the water- and energy-saving ECO programme.


*The following link provides further details on how testing was conducted: Link

The level of efficacy confirmed with this seal applies to all Miele dishwashers, in combination with UltraTabs or Miele’s integrated PowerDisk. The latter offers particularly high-level convenience together with the AutoDos function, which is exclusive to Miele. AutoDos is a specially formulated powder granulate that is automatically dispensed in the precise quantity needed, depending on the programme selected and the degree of soiling.

The washing machines and tumble dryers awarded the seal of approval were models sporting the particularly effective PowerWash system and automatic TwinDos dispensing. With temperature holding times of up to 60 minutes in the ‘Cottons Hygiene 60°C’ programme, combined with the AllergoWash extra, more than 99.9% of all viruses are reliably removed.

Says Liam: “TwinDos, a patented liquid dispensing system using two separate components, only available from Miele, represents an important contribution towards protection against viruses.” He explains that in the first phase, a basic detergent (UltraPhase 1) removes soils such as grease and protein. Thereafter, a detergency enhancer containing bleach (UltraPhase 2) removes more stubborn stains and puts paid to bacteria. Both detergents are kept separate and, depending on the nature of the load, dispensed automatically at the appropriate time in the programme cycle in the correct concentration. He adds that the patented PowerWash process with its additional circulation pump and a special Spin & Spray drum rhythm guarantees top-class wash performance, low energy and water consumption and short programme cycles.

Maximum hygiene and verified protection against bacteria is also offered by Miele with its FashionMaster steam ironing system. In the latter case, the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University investigated a reduction in the virus count on textiles in combination with the use of steam. The results showed that by applying steam topically for five seconds with the Miele steam iron (Setting 3) or the steamer (depending on the model), 99.99% of viruses such as Corona, influenza and Noro viruses (with the exception of Hepatitis B virus) are removed.

With steam pressure of up to 4 bar and constant steam delivery of 100 g/min, the FashionMaster ensures crease-free ironing results combined with the ultimate in convenience. An inflation function further simplifies the job of ironing and ensures that items are ironed particularly gently, whilst the suction function ensures the more intensive use of steam. The handy steamer on some models guarantees the fast and gentle removal of creases from hanging garments.

At Euro Appliances you will find all the latest brands and technology to bring increased hygiene home. For more information visit Euro Appliances.

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