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Kitchens Aug 24, 2021

Euro Appliances: Art of The Kitchen

From Munich to Malmo, we’re taking a look inside some of the most inspired kitchen designs around the world featuring appliances by Gaggenau. Here it is all about the art of beautiful kitchens…

The Architect’s kitchen

Architect Hendrik Müller shares this new kitchen from his Munich home. Designed by his Studio 1:33, to “improve our quality of life”, it was built by Schurig GmbH and features Occhio lights that beautifully illuminate the wonderful Schotten & Hansen flooring. As a stylish finish, Gaggenau’s 400 series appliances take centre stage here. Photography: Christoph Philadelphia.

Period features and contemporary twists

With an eye for design and a two year search, Timmy Coles-Liddle shares his journey to find and create his perfect Balearic home.

When it came to designing the kitchen, Timmy knew that he wanted to use modern appliances to create an elegant and functional space in contrast to the 16th century architecture of his new home. Previously when in London, Timmy and partner Luigi would wander past the Gaggenau showroom on Wigmore Street and imagine implementing the sleek black appliances to offset against an ancient stone house. As they began their kitchen renovation, the duo hoped that Gaggenau would be used to complete their one-of-a-kind space.

The process of designing their perfect kitchen was not an easy one.  Timmy had the clear vision of wanting to create a minimalist kitchen whilst maintaining a feeling of warmth and comfort. With the help of his designers, Roberta Jurado at BOX3 and Ali Pittam at cancan design, they expanded the kitchen space. They carved out the courtyard to realise one continuous level. Subsequently they transformed the once tight, long, and awkward area to create a spacious hub for the couple to enjoy. This left Timmy with a sense of discovery. It therefore makes the kitchen feel even more marvellous each time it’s used.

Australian serenity

Melbourne designer Rob Ryan has created a haven of tranquillity with complimenting materials and hues. Here Gaggenau’s 200 series oven can be seen in anthracite. It is matched with Full surface induction cooktop and fully integrated dishwasher from the 400 series. Overall, a beautifully streamlined and contemporary kitchen space.

Gaggenau art of the kitchen Rob Ryan

The path less travelled

Michelin-star chef Daniel Berlin believes in food without compromise. At home in Malmo, Berlin operates under the same guiding principles as he does when at his restaurant, sourcing native ingredients and preparing them using quality equipment. His Gaggenau kitchen is therefore complete with a Gaggenau combi-steam oven and cooktop. It’s at the heart of his family home and a space where Berlin’s close-knit family can congregate together and enjoy his seasonal recipes and freshly sourced ingredients.

“With a kitchen like this, it makes it a little bit more fun and a little bit easier to do, he explains. “It’s about being together, an open space for the family, for the friends, for everybody.”

Ultimately, you need to experience a Gaggenau appliance to truly appreciate its qualities. Furthermore, you can find these and other top brands available from Euro Appliances.

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