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Kitchens Jun 30, 2024

Bibo: Don’t Be a Samantha – Events Based on a True Story

Samantha shivered as she stepped onto the icy tiles of her kitchen floor, clutching an empty hot water bottle. “Why am I doing this?” she muttered, eyeing the kettle as it slowly began to boil. The first round seemed to take an eternity, and by the time it clicked off, her feet were numb.


She poured the boiling water into the bottle, only to realize it wasn’t enough. “Round two,” she sighed, refilling the kettle. As it started its slow journey to a boil again, Samantha’s mind wandered. Was she really going to spend another winter night waiting for a kettle to boil…twice?

She glanced around her kitchen, questioning her life choices. Was this what adulthood boiled down to? She chuckled at the irony. “This can’t be it,” she inwardly cried.

What felt like a year later, the kettle clicked off again, finally providing enough hot water. As she shuffled back to bed, clutching her warm bottle, she thought. “There’s got to be a better way.”

Little did she know, BIBO could solve her nightly woes in an instant.

Don’t be a Samantha.

This winter, ditch the cold tiles and long waits. With the BIBO bar and BIBO express, you get instant hot water at the touch of a button. Imagine having your hot water bottle ready in seconds, or enjoying a steaming cup of tea without the wait.

The BIBO bar offers you boiling, chilled, or ambient water instantly, making it the perfect companion for those frosty nights and early mornings. And the BIBO express ensures you never have to endure the long, cold wait for boiling water again.

Make this winter cozy and convenient with BIBO. Because life’s too short to wait for a kettle to boil twice.

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