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Kitchens Oct 23, 2023

Composter: The Game Changer!

The Microgarden Kitchen Composter is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint at home. It is an odor- free, mess-free solution to keeping your food waste out of landfills. South Africa throws away 10 million tonnes of food waste in a single year! Organic waste such as food scraps that goes to a landfill is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and is an inefficient way of disposing an otherwise useful, relevant and powerful resource.

 The Microgarden Kitchen Composter reduces your food waste by 80% of its original volume and weight, transforming your food waste into an odorless pre-compost, freeing up space in your dustbins for “real” waste, and allowing you the opportunity to give a gift to a garden.

 And there’s more! Our kitchen composter will keep your kitchen clean and odor-free, nobody likes a smelly kitchen, because smelly rubbish also attracts pests such as ants, fruit flies and maggots. Say goodbye to smelly rubbish and all the creatures that come with it!

 The bucket in the composter can contain up to 3L of food scraps so you can go from landfill to handful in just a few hours.

With the Microgarden Kitchen Composter only being 27cm wide, 31cm tall and 31cm deep, it is designed to fit kitchens big or small.

 A few tips for optimal performance:

  1. Have an even mix of light and heavy food scraps interspersed.
  2. Do not leave your unprocessed waste for a long period of time (over a week) instead, run a smaller cycle if necessary.
  3. Avoid large amounts of dense or moisture-rich composition foods such as condiments and high sugar fruits.

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