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Kitchens Apr 24, 2024

April: No Foolin’, Just Coolin’ (and Boilin’ and Fizzin’) with Bibo Water

April’s here, hollering at all them fools, but let’s be crystal clear: when it comes to hydration, we’re as serious as a message from your boss that reads, “Do you have 5 minutes?”. Be inspired with Bibo Water.

With our lineup – the BIBO bar, BIBO fizz, and BIBO express – we’re all about delivering pure, delicious water without the tomfoolery.

The BIBO bar:
Think of the BIBO bar as the Swiss Army knife of water dispensers. Boiling, chilled, ambient – it has more options than TikTok has eyelash filters.

It’s plumbed inline for an endless supply of water and adds some serious eye candy to your countertops too. It’s simple to use, energy-efficient and the perfect water solution for your home and work life – saving you time, energy and money, while being kind to the planet.

BIBO fizz:
Knock knock, it’s the BIBO fizz; where we turn the idea of homemade sparkling water into a glamorous reality. Forget those overpriced, store-bought carbonated drinks. With BIBO fizz, you’re the fizzician, concocting the bubbliest of beverages from the comfort of your kitchen. It’s not magic; it’s magnificence. And that’s no joke.

BIBO express:
Lastly, the BIBO express isn’t kidding around with its instant boiling water. Waiting for water to boil is as outdated as floppy disks. The BIBO express is like having a fast-forward button for your tea, coffee, and cooking needs. It’s the real deal – and it’s no laughing matter.

April might be full of surprises, but the quality of your water shouldn’t be one of them. With BIBO, expect nothing less than perfection in every drop. From the versatile bar to the effervescent fizz, and the speedy express, we’re here to make sure your water is just the way you like it: pure, tasty, and always ready.

So here’s to an April filled with genuine laughter, happiness and lots of deliciously pure water. Remember, in the world of hydration, BIBO is no laughing matter – except when we’re chuckling at how brilliantly easy it is to stay hydrated. Here’s to not fooling around with your hydration, Clink.


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