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Kitchens Nov 21, 2021

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Ain’t nobody got time for that Self-care. It’s all the rage, right? Articles bleating about it on the internet, Instagram influencers posting inspirational quotes, and spas using it to advertise their 2% discount on full-body massages. And then there’s life.

It’s hard to find time for self-care when you have children demanding to be fed, fetched and followed. All while practising mindful parenting or whatever. You have work demands, partner demands, and that’s all before 9 am. So where on earth are you supposed to find the time for some so-called “self-care”.

But listen up. Self-care doesn’t actually have to be a weekend away (though that would be nice), it doesn’t even have to be an hours massage or a night off. While appealing, those things are few and far between, and so we usually dismiss our self-care as being something for our future selves “one day”. Self-care can actually just be sitting on your couch, or in the sunshine for five minutes with your favourite beverage.

Crazy right?

Drinking a glass of water (even if hidden in a cup of tea) can do wonders for your mind and body and prevent you from becoming dehydrated. (By the way, another form of self-care can be taking 2 minutes out to read a good blog, so…tick!)

At BIBO there is a range of products that are stylishly designed to provide the perfect beverage just for you. They’re healthy, environmentally friendly, and are all uniquely brilliant in their own way. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea hugger, or a cocktail fanatic, we have just the thing.

Shop at our store now, to browse our BIBO bar, our BIBO fizz and our BIBO express, and choose what speaks to you. And your self-care. Also BIBO will be giving away a BIBO fizz bar to a customer who purchase anything online during the month of November, so if you’ve been eyeing something out now is the time to buy.

Because you deserve it. OK, so maybe some articles bleating on the internet know what they’re talking about.




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