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Kitchens Jul 20, 2021

6 Must-Have Appliances For Every Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in a house as it is the place where everyone comes together to prepare meals, eat together and talk. A kitchen should provide a comfortable and functional space to cook your favorite meals and enjoy dinners with your family and friends. In addition to making the cupboards, decor and units in your kitchen look stylish and convenient to use, you may also want to equip it with some modern electronic appliances and equipment.

 For those of you looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances and gadgets, here is a list of six items that many people view as essential.

1.   Coffee Machine

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide and is an important part of many peoples’ day so if you are a coffee lover it may make sense to get a coffee machine. Advice from many of the coffee specialists around the world is to choose a coffee machine or maker that suits your preferences. There are several different options when it comes to selecting a coffee machine, these include:


  • Drip coffee machines; typically have paper filters and large pots
  • Single-serve coffee makers using capsules or pods
  • French presses
  • Espresso machines
  • Bean-to-cup machines
  • Pour-over coffee makers
  • Cold-brew makers
  • Moka stovetop makers

2.   A Powerful Smoothie Blender

Smoothies containing a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables have become increasingly popular in recent years and if you would like to make them at home so you can save money and make them how you like, you will need to invest in a quality smoothie blender. To get the best out of a blender it is recommended to get a model with several useful features including a dispensing tap, larger pitcher, stirring stick and strong motor.


3.   A Portable Electric Stove

Even if you own a big stove, a portable electric induction stove is a handy piece of kit that allows you to set up extra stovetops if you are cooking bigger meals. Due to their portability, they are also useful for cooking outside or placing in the middle of a table to keep food warm. In addition, portable electric stoves often have better heat distribution and controls than gas stoves as well as being easier to clean, faster and safer to use.

4.   An Economical Dishwasher

After a busy and tiring day, washing the dishes can be a hassle. However, you can make your life much easier by getting a dishwasher installed in your kitchen so you can simply load and unload your dishes once or twice a day rather than having to worry about washing up at the end of the day.

Traditionally, dishwashers were not known for their efficiency and consumed large amounts of electricity and water. Luckily, nowadays it is possible to find eco-friendly dishwashers that are designed to use less resources. In most countries, appliances have a sticker on them indicating their level of energy efficiency.

5.   A Quality Food Processor

One of the pieces of kitchen equipment most likely to save you time and open up your cooking options is a food processor which allows you to easily and quickly chop, grind, puree, shred and slice a variety of foods. Many models come equipped with a range of different blades and speed settings, some models can make juice, beat cake dough, knead bread dough and mince meat.


Many types of food processors are available and they differ in function, price, quality and size, however they all generally provide you with similar benefits including processing food faster and in larger quantities whilst also broadening the range of recipes you can cook. If you are looking to cook more and eat a healthier diet of home made food then a food processor is a very useful addition to your kitchen.

6.   An Efficient Microwave Oven

A modern kitchen is not complete without an easy to use microwave oven featuring a range of functions for preparing, cooking and reheating food. Despite the fact that microwaves have been around for almost 50 years there is still some confusion and scepticism about how they work and their safety. However, microwave ovens simply use short electromagnetic waves at high frequencies causing molecules to vibrate and have been considered safe to use for many years and are an ideal solution for defrosting or reheating food quickly. Furthermore, microwaves use less energy than a typical electric or gas oven or stove.

People spend lots of time in their kitchen either preparing and cooking food or eating and spending time with family or friends, therefore many people choose to make their kitchen easy and convenient to use which often involves buying modern kitchen appliances such as the popular choices outlined in this article.


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