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Appliances Jul 19, 2021

4 Reasons to buy a TGC Gas Geyser for your home!

Looking for a new and improved way to heat up your water at home?  The TGC Gas Geyser is an excellent choice for the homeowner looking to upgrade from their traditional electric geyser.

This gas geyser has four main benefits that make it a great choice!


  1. The TGC Gas Geyser provides hot water on demand. As long as you have cold water available, this gas geyser can heat up as much of it as you require.
  2. TGC Gas Geysers are much cheaper to run than electric geysers. This is because you are only heating up water on demand.  There is no need to store hot water like your traditional old geysers, saving you heaps of energy!
  3. The TGC comes with an excellent warranty! This includes 10 Years on the heat exchanger, 1 Year on the electrical components & 3 years on everything else.
  4. It has a clever LCD display & temperature control. Preset your shower/bath water to the perfect temperature.


The benefits of installing a TGC Gas Geyser are huge. You will save on your monthly electricity bill, have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a modern, high-quality heating system with a fantastic warranty, and so much more!


If you find yourself still hesitating, contact Chad-O-Chef. They will be happy to answer all your questions so that nothing seems too daunting before making such a big commitment for your home improvement project!


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