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Vega School: Design Changes the World

Design can most certainly change the way people think. Nothing’s changed. Passion, when paired with critical thinking, can change history.

At Vega School, timeless skills are taught that will set you up for an unforgettable and meaningful career, but you will also be exposed to the kind of thinking that can change the world. Whether your passion lies in design, brand or business – you can find purpose at Vega. At the heart of Vega’s educational vision lies the principle of innovation. Brand and business strategies that merely repeat existing practices add limited value to the marketplace while iconoclasm and innovation unlock true potential. The same truth applies in the teaching and learning environment: without embodying the kind of innovation that propels industry, Vega would not be equipping students with the kind of minds required for them to become the future leaders they are destined to be. It is a core purpose at Vega to have their students graduate at an industry-ready level. Whether you enrol in a short course, an advanced diploma or a full postgraduate degree, Vega ensures that you will be exposed to innovative thought that leads to action. A Vega student is a strategic innovator; a creative dynamo; a pragmatic idealist and an inventive mind waiting to be unleashed into the world. A Vega student thirsts for access to all of the crucial resources that will allow them to unlock the full potential of their future Now you can apply for a world-class IIE BA in Interior Design at Vega. Applications for 2018 are now open. For more info visit


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