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The Things That Make Solent Remarkable

At Solent, nothing is ordinary, actually, it’s really quite the opposite! Solent is a high-quality alternative to mass retailers with fans that are overwhelmingly appealing to the bespoke customer.

Every fan component is fully customizable and can be personalized to a customer’s individual specifications, creating unique masterpieces.

Solent certainly stands out from the rest! Here are a few reasons why…

Low Maintenance & Silent Operating

  • Solent motors are impressively reliable due to their simple construction and they require very little maintenance.
  • Due to unstable electricity supply (load shedding or power failures) a consumable part like the capacitor may need replacing after a few years.
  • Capacitors can be readily purchased from us as we stock spare parts.
  • Capacitors are affordable and easy to replace so you can go back to enjoying noise-free cooling in no time at all.

Energy Efficiency

Solent’s low wattage motors are guaranteed to save you money as they consume less electricity. These environmentally friendly motors are also suitable for solar powered environments due to their low power consumption.

Motor Models & Their Specific Purposes

To get the most out of your motor, each motor model is exclusively paired with specific blades to ensure you get:
• Optimum air delivery
• Flexible applications
• Proper blade choice
• Customization

Safety First Always

All motor models have been tested and comply with the compulsory safety specifications.

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