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Euro Appliances: The Miele Duoflex HX1 – Modern, Powerful and Flexible

Introducing the new Duoflex HX1 cordless handstick from Miele – as with all Miele appliances, its functionality and energy efficiency are exceptional, but it also excels in its aesthetically attractive colour concept and innovative features. Explore this great home appliance available from Euro Appliances and make life so much easier!

Vacuuming can be a loathsome task due to its time-consuming and tedious nature. The new Duoflex HX1 handstick vacuum cleaner from Miele offers supreme convenience and efficiency, making vacuuming a breeze. Unlike traditional vacuums, the Duoflex is lightweight and stylish, ensuring that it is not only functional but that it looks good too.


Super versatile.

What really sets Miele’s new Duoflex HX1 cordless handstick apart from other vacuum cleaners, is that users can transform the unit from a complete vacuum cleaner into a practical hand-held unit at the flick of your wrist, says Miele’s Sicelo Champion: “Simply slide the lockring down to release the PowerUnit, consisting of the motor, rechargeable battery and dustbox, and the floorhead from the suction tube in just a matter of seconds. Crumbs can then easily be removed from the breakfast table or the sofa.

He adds that things are even simpler with the SpeedLock wall bracket: “When the PowerUnit is pulled upwards out of the holder, it is ready for use immediately, leaving the suction tube secure in the bracket. To work the DuoFlex with the suction tube, simply pull the unit forward to release it from the wall bracket – this dispenses with the need for clumsy conversion.”


Cleaning & performance.

The unit’s cleaning performance is a direct result of the proven Digital Efficiency motor in combination with the highly effective mono-cyclone design, also known as Vortex Technology. This is further supported by the new 25 cm wide and powerful Multi Floor electrobrush – its roller brush automatically detects the type of floor covering and, on hard floors, reduces speed, saving energy and conserving battery power.

The lithium-ion battery boasts seven high-power cells, that can master everyday cleaning tasks with ease, explains Sicelo: “The Duoflex with the PowerUnit in solo mode and without the electrobrush provides up to 55 minutes of cleaning at the lowest setting, without needing to recharge. At maximum output with the suction tube and electrobrush fitted, this is reduced to 12 minutes – still sufficient for cleaning 60m² of hard flooring.”


Filtration ahead of its time.

Sicelo notes that the Duoflex HX1 operates using a highly effective two-stage filter system: “Coarse and fine soil is filtered out in the first stage in the pre-filter. The coarse debris collects in the transparent dust container, whereas the fine dust passes through to the second stage of filtration. Here, even the finest of particles are held back by the fine dust filter. This filter system retains 99.99 percent of fine dust, leaving room air extremely clean.”

The tried and tested ComfortClean function ensures convenient filter cleaning in between. Just a few turns of the filter lid is sufficient to shake dirt particles into the container. This way, suction power remains consistently high, and time-consuming washing of the fine dust filter is not necessary so that the Duoflex is always ready for use. When emptying the dust container, dust is released simply and hygienically at the touch of a button.

On-trend design.

The Duoflex HX1 is a convincing proposition right down to the very last detail, not only in terms of performance but also through its eye-catching design. “The colour concept familiar from other floorcare products reflects current design trends and ensures that the appliance cuts a dash in any living room. Whether in an elegant kitchen or a cosy living room – thanks to a range of colours, customers can integrate the Duoflex into their living spaces. The following models will be available in South Africa: the generic Duoflex HX1 in Terra Red, Duoflex HX1 CarCare in Casa Grey – designed specifically for car enthusiasts, and the top-of-the-range Duoflex HX1 Total Care in Obsidian Black,” Sicelo concludes.[CS2]

To find out more, visit Miele.

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