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Technogym: Introducing The Unica Home Multi Gym

The leader in high-tech, high-performance gym equipment, Technogym has once again raised the home-fitness bar with the Unica Home Multi Gym.

Designed for strength training at home, the multi gym promises maximum muscle activation, unprecedented comfort and ergonomics with dozens of different exercises. “Unica’s incredible versatility offers more than 50 different exercises to increase strength and tone your entire body,” says Technogym. “Unica guarantees physiological trajectories that distribute the load optimally throughout the movement, maximising muscle fibre activation and preventing injury.”

Users can also link Unica to the Technogym App, ensuring they have a personal trainer at their side during every session. In addition, the multi gym comes with Technogym Plus included, giving users access to video training sessions covering cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength, guided meditation and more.

Intuitive and easy to use, the multi gym’s smart, compact design measures 1840 x 1200 x 2070mm and weighs 290kg, allowing users to have a complete home gym in just 1.5 square metres. Accessories include a stretching mat, ankle strap, pulley handle and standard handle, maintenance kit, integrated wheels and a standard weight rack.

Part of the Personal Line, the Unica Home Multi Gym is an icon in home fitness.

“Home wellness is a special space dedicated to your health and well-being. The design, attention to detail and elegance of the products, all contribute to enhancing your surroundings. It combines the best training and sports experience with the space that’s most dear to us: our home,” says Technogym Founder and President Nerio Alessandri of its company’s specialised home fitness products.

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