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Power Logic: Hidden Outlets Make for Flawless Interior Design

While every home has its own unique style, there is one thing they all have in common – electricity. We live in a technological world and rely on electricity to power our many devices from phones, tv’s, and iPads not to mention all our kitchen equipment. It is vital that we put thought into the location of PowerPoints throughout the home and recommend hiding electrical outlets whenever possible, to streamline your interior design.

Kitchen Power Outlets

In this day and age, the kitchen is arguably the most power-hungry room in the house. From fridges, kettles, microwaves, air fryers, fridges to freezers are all power-hungry devices! Think very carefully about where you want to install power units for these items.

If you love the idea of your outlets being out-of-sight when you do not need them, and readily available when you do, pop-up outlets are great options for you. You can subsequently have your interior designer install pop-up devices that will be out of sight when you don’t need them.

The Gemini pop-up outlet

The Gemini Unit available from Power Logic is a surprisingly unique product and is certainly a one-of-a-kind pop-up PowerDock. Power Logic has taken the concept of a PowerDock to the next level. Features include a world-first double-sided design and an ultra-smooth gas strut mechanism. This automatically raises the unit from its flush-mounted position.

The PDO MK2 pop-up outlet

The PDO MK2 sits flush with the desk surface when not in use. It is raised smoothly into position by a powerful gas strut. The touch-operated PowerDock Mk2 is the ideal power outlet solution for your kitchens, workshops, television stands, office desks and so much more.

Bedroom Power Outlets

Charging all our devises can be a bit of a chore. Locating the chargers, plugging them in, getting the cords tangled up, the electronics taking up space as they charge, etc.

Create a charging station using Power Logic’s pyramid either in the kitchen or next to your bedside table. This is a great way to keep everything neat and tidy.

Pyramid – 3-Sided power unit and a wireless charging station.

The 3-sided Pyramid power unit offers users the ability to charge devices via the AC outlets, DC (USB-A or USB-C outlets) or wirelessly via the built-in wireless charger mounted on top of the unit. Available in a variety of finishes and with a fabric top.

Home Office Outlets

A few years ago, home office design was not a big topic of discussion when it came to building or redesigning a home. But today, with more people working from home than ever before, as a result of Covid-19, home office design has become a focal point.

Turn your ordinary desk into a professional workstation by simply adding Power Logic’s power units that bring convenient power access to the surface level. Now you can plug in laptops, charge cell phones, and use printers with ease.

Wireless chargers

Add Power Logic’s wireless charging station for your phones. Charging pads look sleek and cool, and they promise a more convenient charging experience. You love the idea of being able to just set your smartphone on a wireless charging stationer and not have to frantically search for a cable to connect your phone to a charger.

SOHO MK2 Pop-up Power docking station

Experience the next level of connectivity with the SOHO MK2. This home office unit subsequently offers remarkable features in a flush-mounted PowerDock. This includes dual data or voice connections, a USB port, and an ultra-smooth gas strut mechanism to raise the unit up for use.

LED Desk Lamp

This simple but effective LED desk lamp uses touch-sensitive technology so you can change the colour of the light or the brightness with just one touch. Furthermore, it is portable and versatile. It can thus be used for night-time reading or whilst working at your desk. The LED Desk Lamp promises long-lasting durability.

The P-CUBE portable power pack

The P-CUBE portable power pack’s primary function is to provide up to 6 hours of backup power. This is perfect in the event of a power failure. Use it for entertainment equipment, computers, laptops, and even lighting.

Each part of your home should bring you joy. So, don’t settle for standard power outlets. Furthermore, you can craft comfort, style and appreciation into every single part of your design. Enjoy a welcoming home that feels truly ‘Power Logic.’

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