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Why Choose A Charnwood Fireplace?

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter. Charnwood SA brings us the very latest fireplaces to add warmth and sophistication to your home.

Charnwood South Africa are a Cape Town based company with a long term relationship with one of the finest manufacturers of closed combustion fireplaces (or woodburning stoves) in the world – A J Wells & Sons Ltd t/a Charnwood.

Through one of their ‘Premier Dealers’ you will find only the best fireplaces and closed combustion stoves to suit a variety of settings.

Closed combustion stoves are the efficient and clean burning alternative to a traditional open fireplace. Charnwood are also the oldest manufacturer in the UK of this type of solid fuel fireplace.

Your local Charnwood Premier Dealer, can supply and install your fireplace of choice using technicians with over 10 years experience in stove installation.


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Wood-burning stoves are now providing cleaner and more efficient ways to burn solid fuels. Wood is the popular choice of fuel here in South Africa. South African homes (both modest and grand) favour solid fuel heating and wood-burners are popular.

The new Ecodesign regulations to be implemented in by the European Union by January 2022 will focus strongly on raising not only the ‘efficiency’ of a wood-burning or biomass stove but (more importantly) lowering the emissions of hazardous gases and particulates that cause air-pollution.


Particulates from a variety of pollutants (inc wood-burning stoves) cause smog, air pollution and more.

Up to 20,000 deaths per annum are attributed to air pollution in SA (according to 2016 statistics from the World Bank). Whilst South Africa may lag behind Europe in terms of its environmental policy, it is only a matter of time before South Africans are obligated to make adjustments in order to clean up the atmosphere over their cities.

Given the enthusiasm for wood-burning stoves now in SA, it is only appropriate that part of your investment decision when considering which stove to purchase should include how ‘clean’ it REALLY is.

The good news is that all responsible European manufacturers (like Charnwood) who wish to distribute their products in Europe and Africa will be required to meet set standards so your European product should comply by default at some point in the future. Products from outside the EU or UK will not be required to comply and some (hopefully very few) European manufacturers may choose to forgo the regulations for products sold outside the EU, although this would be very irresponsible.

The BEST news is that Charnwood already produce a series of stoves to meet the rigorous standards of Ecodesign 2022 NOW! The range includes a variety of models to suit your home.

For more visit Charnwood SA.

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