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Power Logic’s P-Cube: The Perfect Loadshedding Solution

Hello darkness my old friend. 2021 has arrived and load-shedding appears to have become a permanent fixture in South Africa. While the country continues to feel the effect of load shedding, many South Africans are forced to look into purchasing other power alternatives.

Power Logic’s Power Pack keeps your devices online and powered up during power outages with the P-Cube. Uninterrupted power supplies like Power Logic’s P-Cube Power Pack is a great way to keep important things in your home running when the power goes out.

The P-Cube Portable Power Pack

The P-Cube automatically bridges power during a loadshedding phase and continues to work without any interruption to entertainment equipment, computers, laptops and lighting etc. It works the same way that a UPS system does. The P-Cube provides up to 6 hours of power, depending on the load.


The P-Cube portable power pack is a self-contained, 230V AC 50Hz power storage unit that functions in a similar manner to an “On-Line” UPS.

It has the latest battery storage technology in the form of Litium-Ion Phosphate batteries, delivering 12 Volts at an impressive 50 Amps. This is roughly the same amount of energy as that stored in a modern vehicle’s lead-acid battery. Almost all the full energy stored can be utilised, providing up to 6 hours of power depending on the load.

Its primary function is to provide back-up in the event of a power failure or load shedding to entertainment equipment, computers, laptops and lighting.

All products carry a 12-month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse.


Find out more online at Power Logic.


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