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Planet World: Sonos has everything you need to start enjoying brilliant sound

The Sonos Eco-system is a system unmatched – Connect two or more speakers together so they play in sync. Group the speakers in your bedroom and kitchen so that your morning playlist is already playing when you start making breakfast or connect the rest of your system to your home cinema so that everyone can enjoy the big match even from another room.


Create the sound system you want by simply adding a new speaker in addition to your existing Eco-system. Do you want to add in the new Move 2 to your existing system? Or start off your Sonos Ecosystem with the new Move 2? Sonos gives you the ease of set up so your speakers can start playing music and more over WiFi in no time. Enjoy full control of your system with the Sonos app which is available on IOS or Android and your voice.


Stream music over your network without ever slowing it down. Set up your speakers on your home network to get started on streaming music, shows, and more – get the speakers you want and create the sound experience you want.

The Sonos eco-system allows you to create the perfect mood throughout your house by ensuring that the party never stops – whether you are sitting outside on the patio, swimming in the pool or moving the party indoors – your Sonos ecosystem has you covered.


When two or more rooms are grouped, sliding the volume slider in the app will adjust the volume of all rooms in that group. You can adjust the volume of individual rooms in a group by using the physical volume buttons on your products.

Immerse yourself, amplify the joy and bring your house to life with the Sonos Eco system”


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