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New Partnership: David Beckham and Bowers & Wilkins For Unrivaled Sound

British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins has announced a new partnership with global icon David Beckham. This collaboration brings together Beckham’s refined taste and Bowers & Wilkins’ dedication to high-quality sound and craftsmanship. Read more about this partnership with Homemation.

Bound by Excellence

David Beckham and Bowers & Wilkins are bound by a shared commitment to excellence and timeless elegance. David’s refined taste meets Bowers & Wilkins’ unwavering pursuit of perfection to create an extraordinary alliance of style and sound. Music plays an important role in David’s busy life, and Bowers & Wilkins is there to ensure that he experiences the high levels of performance and style he is accustomed to, wherever he is and whatever he is doing.


The Px8 offers David an unrivaled combination of outstanding performance, premium design, and exceptional fit and comfort. Px8’s proprietary noise cancellation technology ensures outstanding performance with no impact on musicality, allowing David to switch off and relax.

“My headphones provide me with a moment of calm; a rare moment to relax.” – David Beckham. Bowers & Wilkins is exclusively distributed by Homemation


From his parents’ influences to his successful football career, music has provided the soundtrack to some of his greatest moments on and off the pitch.

“Music has always played a huge role in my life. I can hear a track and remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. In our family, whenever special moments happen, there’s always a song to go with them,” Beckham explained.

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