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My PlaceAfrica: 5 Advantages of A Smart Home

As the South African industry matures, smart homes are set to become increasingly prevalent. Here are five advantages of a smart home…

The smart home market has been delayed in South Africa due to internet bandwidth constraints. But, with the launch of fibre and increased affordability of internet packages, the country is primed and ready to take a plunge into home automation.

So, what are the benefits of smart homes and how can they make your life more convenient? Here are five advantages of having a smart home:

1. Better Surveillance
South Africa’s crime rate means that the local security industry is always aiming to create innovative products for consumers. This is no different when it comes to smart home products. Some of the first smart home products in South Africa, that have gained popularity, are surveillance and security devices. Smart cameras allow you to track what is happening in your home with your phone or tablet. Meanwhile, smart systems can monitor your entry points and alert you when they are opened. Some systems even allow you to set your alarm or deactivate it remotely from your device. Besides security, pet owners and parents are increasingly using surveillance technology to keep watch over their precious ones, and even interact with them via a device.

2. Convenience
One of the major selling points of home automation is the convenience that comes with it. Depending on which smart appliances you have, you are able to preheat your oven while you’re on your way home, or have coffee brewed as your morning alarm goes off. Smart locks allow you to enter your home by using your phone, rather than having to fumble for your keys. Smart fridges can even analyse the contents of your fridge and send you a grocery list on what you need. We already know how much convenience and efficiency have been brought into our lives by smartphones. And, smart homes are the next step.

3. Customizability
In homes that are well-connected, you can have your house tuned into your daily schedule and mood. Some programs on your devices allow your home to set the tone for bed time. Such as playing relaxing music and dimming the lights. The same goes for your morning routine. Your blinds can be programmed to open slowly at a certain time, while your coffee brews and your AI assistant outlines your daily schedule. As smart devices become increasingly popular, technology companies are finding more ways to have your home work for you. This means that, instead of rushing around trying to meet all the items on your routine, your home can facilitate all of this instead.

4. Energy Efficiency
Despite having more connected and smart devices in an automated home, it is actually considered more energy efficient. According to DirectEnergy.com, smart devices tend to be more environmentally friendly – in addition to their other benefits. Smart bulbs tend to use less electricity, while also activating only when you need them. Smart appliances also tend to use less water, or use heat more effectively to perform more chores. For example, Samsung’s new smart washing machines are also equipped with air bubble technology, which allows for more foaming while using less water. Companies, like Tesla, are also creating solar power solutions for homes, such as solar batteries, which can help you get off the grid and power certain devices. This new industry also comes with new ideas and innovation behind modern industries.

5. Information At Your Fingerprints
Smart homes often come with AI assistants. With Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa Hub, and other household AI systems making life easier. As long as you are within earshot of your AI assistant’s hub, you will be able to perform searches, schedule appointments, and ask questions by simply speaking. These assistants are also often integrated into your smart home ecosystem, meaning that you can issue commands for other devices. While it is still a little while before South Africans adopt smart home technology into the mainstream market, it is only a matter of time before they will be part of our daily lives.

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