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Let’s Get Technical: How To Create The Perfect High-Tech Media Room At Home

Gorgeous media rooms and high-tech family entertainment spaces are all the rage. From automated lights and sound to massive digital screens, in-home cinemas and more. Today we are dreaming about the perfect high-tech media space and how to create the best entertainment area in your own home.

If you have a dedicated space for family entertainment, why not splurge and create a luxury media room that can be enjoyed across the generations.

Here’s what you need to consider first:

  • Budget. Luxury media rooms will require high-tech equipment to meet the needs of a digital lifestyle. Be sure to plan your budget accordingly to make the most of your space. Speak to a professional about your needs and allow them to help you guide your expectations and budget.
  • Which room is the right fit? If you’re converting an old room into your new media centre at home, be sure to consider the space. Whether it is an old guest room, living area or loft, you’ll need to think about the space carefully and how it may best serve your needs.
  • Bigger does not always mean better. In a home-cinema, a smaller space may feel cosier and carry sound better too. The shape of your room is also important. If you want to create a cinema feel, you may need to invest in cinema-style

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    seating which could require a rectangular shaped room to maximise the area.

  • Is it possible to streamline a space with cables? The answer is yes. There are many ways to hide unsightly cables in a contemporary design. Chat to your contractor about options. Panels are a good option to keep cables out of sight, but you may also prefer the use of a projector which can be mounted on your ceiling and kept out of the way for maximum viewing pleasure.
  • Customize. Be sure to create a custom look and feel in your media room with cabinetry and furniture that fits into the space and maximises the area. Customized technology is just as important as built-ins. Black out shades or a screen that drops from the ceiling will give your space that luxury feel and a custom ambience that one would expect from a high-end media room.

Off the wall music

Media rooms are a great investment for a growing family and you may spend many hours together enjoying your new space. Plan well, budget accordingly and always seek out professional advice to ensure that your equipment is kitted out to perfection.

Happy viewing!

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