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Control4 Smart Home Systems

Winter’s coming… this is not only a famous term used in a popular TV series of the recent past but a cold hard reality for South Africans too as the nights start to get longer and a once warm breeze becomes a bone-chilling wind.

While it may be cold and dark outside, Control4 smart home systems can help homeowners ensure that their homes are always warm and well lit. Welcoming you home from a hard day’s work or inviting your close friends and family into cosy spaces when you want to relax.

This is made possible by Control4’s advanced geolocation functionality. When you are commuting home after a long day at work, your home will register that you are within a certain radius and start its sequence. In order for your home to be warm and ready when you arrive, Control4 will turn on the lighting, fireplaces, HVAC, heated towel rails and electric blanket so you never need to worry about arriving home in the chilling dark. With Control4’s smart lighting solutions, the outside lights will be turned on when needed whilst the inside lights are ready for you before you even step foot in the door.

For those of us who like the bed to be warm before we climb in, Control4 can automatically turn on your electric blanket at a certain time so your sweet dreams are not delayed by frozen feet. In case you are not a morning person, Control4 can ensure that your electric blanket, underfloor heating and fireplaces or air conditioning are turned off in the morning so that you can focus on more important things.

If you are lucky enough to escape the cold winter for a holiday to the coast, Control4 will ensure that you are not wasting energy and money with heating systems having been left on by accident all while ensuring that your home has the appearance of being occupied. Control4 has the unique feature called “moccupancy” which is designed to mimic your natural movements in and around the home while you are not at the house, helping to ward off any curious Carlos.

With COVID-19 still in the spotlight for 2021, homeowners are looking for smart touchless ways to manage their homes and access for service providers who need to enter.

Access into the property and even the home itself can be managed with the use of the Control4 home app and smart locking systems which allow you to remotely manage which guests or service providers are allowed into your home without having to come into direct contact with them. This remote access control allows you, the homeowner, to manage your home whether you are there, at the office or on a well-deserved holiday.

Control4 allows you to take advantage of Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri voice control solutions so that you can take control without having to touch a thing. Motion controlled lighting in key areas of the home allows the lights to be activated without guests needing to search or touch anything – you are always in complete control of your home.






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