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Sky Fans: on a hot summer’s night

Ever found yourself tossing and turning at 3 AM on a hot summer’s night? We get it, with temperatures refusing to drop, nights can get long, and while air conditioning might seem like the obvious saviour, the noise, expense and dryness might make you think twice. 

Luckily the team at Sky Fans has you covered with tested tricks to cool your bedroom without AC.

Circulate air with fans: Fans excel at creating a wind chill effect, promoting sweat evaporation and cooling you down. Ceiling fans are particularly effective at circulating air.

Make a DIY aircon with a fan and ice: No aircon? No problem. Create a makeshift air conditioner by placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan. The breeze picks up cold water, creating a refreshing mist.

Create a cross breeze: Strategically position a fan across from a window, combining external wind and fan power for a cooling cross-breeze. Multiple fans can enhance the effect.

Choose breathable bed linen: Choose light-coloured, lightweight cotton or bamboo sheets. Avoid synthetic materials like silk or polyester that trap heat.

Freeze your bedding: A quick fix: freeze your sheets for a few minutes before bedtime. Place them in a plastic bag first to avoid chilly surprises.

Employ the Egyptian method: Dampen a sheet or towel in cool water, using it as a blanket. Place it on a dry towel to prevent mattress wetting. Combine with a fan for maximum impact.

Stay hydrated: Night sweats can lead to dehydration. Combat this by sipping water before bed or keeping a bottle nearby.

Take a cold shower: Lower your core body temperature with a cold shower an hour before bedtime, facilitating deeper sleep.

Tech detox: Electronics generate heat; switch off lights, unplug devices and move chargers elsewhere.

Opt for breathable nightclothes: Maximise skin exposure for cooling. If nudity isn’t your style, opt for breathable cotton nightclothes.

Keep your distance: Avoid cuddling; human heat raises temperatures. Keep to your side for a cooler night.

Minimise movement: Friction creates heat, so stay still. Experiment with sleeping positions for optimal cooling.

Put one foot out: Regulate temperature by letting one foot or leg out under the covers, promoting a natural flow of heat release.

Suppliers of hardwood ceiling fans and manufacturers of the Original Paddle Fan, Cape Town-based Sky Fans are leaders in home cooling. Shop their extensive range of stylish fans online or in-store today and beat the summer heat.


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