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My Place Africa: Your Smart Home – A Million Pieces of Joy

For those just starting out on the road to a Smart Home, there’s a unique joy that comes from the first time the devices do their smart thing: something between amazement, wonder, and the feeling that a door has just opened to a new dimension of possibility.

Imagine sitting on your patio as the daylight slowly fades away and the lights in your house automatically light up. You’ll feel like James Bond. It will happen every day and every day you’ll have a reason to still smile with joy. Having a smart home certainly makes you feel like you have stepped into the future, and it is magnificent.

Seeing the tablet on your wall as you enter the home, is the equivalent to the Mercedes Benz emblem on many people’s cars. We spend money on so many different statement items, clothes, cars, phones, shoes or sunglasses, etc, because they make us feel great. The My Place app hanging on your wall says, this is a smart home!

In the same way that a Mercedes makes driving more comfortable, a smart home makes living more comfortable. It can help eliminate minor irritations. Like lights being left on during the day, or getting into bed in winter and noticing the bathroom light is still on.

Waking up in a freezing bedroom during winter? Simply schedule My Place to switch the aircon on half an hour before you wake up so you can get dressed without catching a cold. Arrive home to a boiling hot house in the middle of summer? Switch the aircon on before you leave the office and come home to a perfectly cooled home. Want to open the gate for somebody when you aren’t home? No problem! Dim the lights to watch a movie – don’t even get off the couch! Going out for the evening in a rush (always a rush it seems)? Leave the house and set it to “I’m out” setting – lights switch off, water feature off, aircon off, blinds go down, all with the touch of a button.

The less time we spend doing boring repetitive tasks, the happier we would all be! This is a luxury, and it is a luxury we all want to have. Like having an iPhone, it moves from an outrageous luxury to a necessity, to a need! Now when we open the gate from our phones and the garage light comes on and the geyser switches on, we can feel that thrill, that luxury.

Get ahead of the curve with My Place.

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