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Morso Fireplaces are back!

Although Morso has been in South Africa previously, they have now been brought back under new management.  Chad-O-Chef has been selected as a distributor & are proud to be a representative of this timeless brand in our country.

Choosing your Morso fireplace should not be difficult, and that is why only the best fireplaces have been selected for the South African market, making it easy for you to choose based on your unique needs. 

The range of Morso Products currently available boast an excellent heat retention and heat distribution with their Cast Iron finish; premium energy efficiency ratings & much more. 

Radiant heating options such as the above 1412 Freestanding Squirrel provide an infrared heat.  They are optimal for heating the immediate area more intensely, rather than the whole room.  This is great when you will be spending your time cosying up near the fireplace.

Convection heating options such as the 8140 Freestanding Stove above work by continuously circulating warm air into the room.  They are optimal for heating up the whole area at a more even temperature.


Freestanding vs Built in units are another great consideration.  Built in units offer a huge space saving. These options will change the entire design of your living space and should not be taken lightly.

 While slow combustion stoves come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in different Kw ratings and efficiency ratings to serve your home in the best way possible.  Whatever your needs, Chad-O-Chef or their selected dealers will help guide you to add the perfect heating solution for your home.




  1. Sepp

    July 19, 2021

    You do finance as well?

  2. Louise

    July 27, 2021

    I would love to have a look at your free standing stoves. 🌷


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