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The All New ProQuartz Catalogue Is Here

Filled with a sense of pride and a genuine belief in the product, the professional team from ProQuartz are excited to announce that their brand new ProQuartz catalogue is now available.

What’s new you ask?

The catalogue now features images of the full size quartz slab, to give you a better indication of the pattern and movement within the slab. A zoomed in photo captures the deeper movement and grain.

The Style Photos also showcase one of the many end uses of the quartz material – installed quartz countertops. These photos have true-to-life inclusions of natural light and darker reflections that are found in the home.

New Colours

The product offering now includes 17 unique and beautiful colours that come standard with a Lifetime Residential Warranty.

The five new colours launched this year, now on display in the new catalogue, include:

  • Calacatta Mystique,
  • Natural Concrete,
  • Grey Odyssey,
  • Caribbean Drift,
  • Calypso Black.

Each of these new vibrant colours add to the modern aesthetic of the product and you can find them within the new catalogue and experience the beauty of each distinct colour for yourself.

Superior Quality and Innovation

ProQuartz believes in the quality of their products and the endless inspirational ideas that can be used to enhance your home.

“Our catalogue will surely assist in expanding your creativity and assist in planning your dream space,” explains the team from ProQuartz.

Being innovative and offering superior quality products to the market is what they continually aim to achieve.

ProQuartz also takes great pride in offering top notch service and they are thrilled to share the new modern catalogue with you.

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