Trend Alert: Steel Cage Formwork for Staircases

Make the most of your home renovation with a striking staircase and opulent multi-level home! Steel Studio brings us the latest trends for a superior staircase to impress! Here’s why steel cage formwork for staircases is superior to old-fashioned shuttering.

Saving the Contractor time on site:

  • This product prevents contractors from over ordering concrete and over plastering.
  • No screed required.
  • The installation of a steel cage formwork for a staircase is much quicker than your standard shuttering on site, saving project time and expensive labour.

Providing the client with professionalism:

  • Steel Studio has dedicated, specialised and qualified teams that manufacture and install the Steel Cage formwork for Staircases. These teams are also qualified in rigging in order to successfully maneuver and place the staircase structure into a building.
  • Steel Studio provides a project manager on each project to ensure the successful installation of each staircase.
  • Workmanship is guaranteed.

Accuracy provides a quality finish:

  • Precision fabrication for complex designs is achieved by:
    • The accurate measurements that are taken on site by a qualified draughtsman.
    • Laser cutting of the steel structure ensures precision fabrication.
    • Our manufacturing and installation accuracy ensures a quality finish.
    • All of our work is within acceptable tolerances.

Drawings and renderings ensure that the client understands what they are receiving:

  • Clients receive accurate drawings including 3d renderings on request for approval before manufacturing commences.

Safety first:

  • All staircases are designed and tested in consultation with a registered professional structural engineer.
  • An engineer’s signoff is supplied on completion of every project.
  • Staircase structures are structurally sound due to the design and addition of rebar for stability.
steel cage formwork staircase completed profile stair

Your one stop shop:

  • Steel Studio will also supply you with a compatible SANS compliant balustrade design for your staircase. You don’t have to find a balustrade system elsewhere and risk the two systems not being compatible.

For more visit Steel Studio.


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