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Organize Your Life with Shelf Space

If your garage is the cause of frustration then perhaps it is time to declutter and organize your life! Looking for a way to solve the storage dilemma? Let us help you create the ideal storage solution in a tidy, organized garage or storeroom! It can be done and with Shelf Space, you can become a happy client with a tidy garage. 

Shelf Space manufactures a timber shelving system and a metal hook and rail system – both perfect for creating a tidy, stylish garage. The two units complement one another and by combining them, you can easily solve your garage storage problems.

If you are based in Johannesburg or Pretoria, Shelf Space will also offer you a free consultation to do a layout for you with an installation service in these areas. The systems are also very easy to DIY and you can find them both on their online store, for delivery nationally. Shelf Space also services the corporate space where they specialize in filing and archive stores.

The shelving system is suitable for most storerooms. In the hospitality industry, they offer linen and wine storage shelving. Due to the slatted shelves manufactured, they are great for linen storage because of the air flow created by the slatted finish. The Tsogo Sun group is one of many using this innovative shelving for their linen stores. In the retail environment, shelving for backend storage is supplied to key clients such as Timberland and Levi.

For more info and ideas please visit Shelf Space.

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