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Q&A With The Team From Lansdowne Boards

Lansdowne Boards are manufacturers and distributors of premium kitchen and bedroom cupboards, sliding doors and flooring. We had the privilege of chatting to their online manager, Yazeed Davids, about the brand and what inspires them in the design industry.

What’s your go-to classic colour choice?

“Grey – a neutral colour that basically matches with any other colour.”

Is there a hotel, interior or building that most inspires your work?

“The place that inspires my work would definitely be my workplace. Everything I have learnt thus far has taken place right here at Lansdowne Boards. The authenticity/originality of taking a simple piece of wood and turning it into a glamorous kitchen is pretty inspiring. Things many of us don’t really pay attention to. At Lansdowne Boards we strive to be different from the rest. With that said, I would have to say my workplace inspires me to be Authentic and Original with any project I am working on.”

A place you love to visit?

“Being a professional sportsman for a fair share of my life, I would say the football field is a place I love visiting the most.”

Where do you go to spot new styles?


Do you have a favourite restaurant?

“Nandos… really love the look and feel/design style of their restaurants.”

Who or what is your biggest design influence?

“I would say the colourful houses in Bo-Kaap would be my biggest design influence because it’s part of my heritage. It is authentic, original, and most importantly different from the rest.”

Any interesting projects you are working on?

“We are in the process of landing a job to renovate 135 apartments for a student accommodation complex. The architect/designer is really pushing the boundaries on what student accommodation should look like – it’s an exciting project that is full of great and inspiring ideas and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

I am also working with the owner of a beautiful multi-storey home in Cape Town to redesign the kitchens and bedrooms.”

With over 20 years of experience, extensive investment in their manufacturing capabilities and a world class offer of both local and international brands at Lansdowne Boards, their aim is clear: Premium quality manufactured components and panel products with a value added service package to suit any requirement. Lansdowne Boards takes pride in being a market leader and innovator offering the latest products and services for the furniture, manufacturing and shop fitting industries.



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