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Grass: The Seamless Design of K Push Tech

For more than sixty years, Grass has been one of the leading international manufacturers of furniture fittings. Taking slide and hinge systems to a whole new level, they continue to bring innovative new products to the market, fitted to furniture of well-known, industrially produced premium brands and used by high-quality craft workshops.

K Push Tech is one such innovation, now available through Grass ZA, which is the fully renewed and extended programme of automatic opening systems for doors without handles or knobs. A special inner mechanism provides a very silent, yet powerful utilization, granting a long durability which makes it perfectly suitable for a wide range of doors.

K Push Tech is available with a buffer, for cabinets using sprung hinges as well as with a magnet, for cabinets using unsprung hinges. It is also now available in a beautiful and modern graphite, to enhance the overall style of your customised cabinetry. Included in the new technology, you will find an innovated range of spring strengths and a reduced gap between door and cabinet with an activation gap of 1,4 mm and ring thickness of 0,6 mm. Ultimately, K Push Tech ensures a seamless, easy to open and quiet operation system to match any contemporary cabinetry with ease of access in a modern and stylish finish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL05s9Ehjqg&feature=youtu.be   Contact: Grass ZA

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