Grass: The Hinge with Hidden Talents

Tiomos Hidden is the first GRASS hinge that is fully recessed in the furniture and is currently the best possible movement solution for furniture doors. Beautifully modern and sophisticated, the hinge remains out of sight for a seamless, contemporary look and feel to any contemporary cabinet.

In this way, the hinge system is elegantly integrated in the cabinet and allows the design of the furniture to stand out. Tiomos Hidden also comes standard with integrated soft-close and 3D adjustment.  

Hinges were already used in ancient times. With Tiomos, GRASS is now opening a new chapter that will inspire the furniture makers of the future. The development of Tiomos has benefited from several decades of know-how and experience. Years of research have been dedicated to reconceptualising and developing every detail and function from the bottom up. The result is a very elegant movement system which already meets all technical and functional requirements of the future.  
One of the outstanding characteristics of the new hinge system is the Soft-Close damper which features stepwise adjustment and is fully concealed within the hinge arm. The complex inner workings of this high-tech hinge are hidden from view, much like a Swiss clock movement, and cannot fail to impress with their unique damping characteristics. The closing process in each movement phase is smooth and completely without transition, starting from an opening angle of 20°. Irrespective of the size and weight of the door.

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