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Maximising Storage Space with Smart Cabinet Solutions by Blum South Africa

Discover innovative space-saving solutions from Blum that optimise every inch of your cabinets. It’s the perfect way to maintain tidiness in open-plan living areas while enhancing the functionality of every room. Blum’s commitment to practicality and design excellence ensures that even the most compact spaces can be transformed into efficient storage areas, contributing to a clutter-free and organised living environment that promotes productivity and well-being.

From kitchens to bathrooms, Blum offers versatile storage solutions adaptable to diverse living spaces, ensuring a cohesive design while maximising storage potential and enabling efficient organisation throughout the home. Whether it’s maximising vertical storage in kitchen pantries or utilising unused space beneath cabinets, Blum’s range of products provides homeowners with endless possibilities for optimising their living spaces according to their specific needs and preferences.

SPACE TOWER – The ultimate pantry solution.

The SPACE TOWER larder unit maximises storage capacity while ensuring convenient access from all angles, offering a customisable solution for organising provisions efficiently and reducing clutter in the kitchen. With individual full-extension pull-outs, homeowners can easily tailor the SPACE TOWER to accommodate a wide range of items and everyday groceries, ensuring that no space goes to waste and everything remains easily accessible whenever needed.



SPACE STEP transforms cabinet plinths into additional storage spaces and provides easy access to higher cabinets, enhancing functionality while maintaining a seamless aesthetic and facilitating easier organisation in the kitchen or other areas. By utilising the often-overlooked space beneath cabinets, homeowners can create additional storage for items such as pots, pans, and cleaning supplies, making it easier to keep countertops clutter-free and maximise usable workspace in the kitchen.



Utilising full extensions, the SPACE CORNER eliminates wasted corner space, offering clear visibility of contents and ergonomic access without the need for bending down, providing a practical solution for optimising storage in corners. With its innovative design and smooth gliding motion, the SPACE CORNER allows homeowners to easily access items that would otherwise be difficult to reach or forgotten.



SPACE TWIN converts narrow cabinets into valuable storage areas without compromising stability or motion quality, perfect for storing various kitchen essentials. Whether it’s maximising storage in a small apartment kitchen or creating a designated space for specialty items such as baking supplies or spices, SPACE TWIN offers homeowners a versatile solution for optimising storage in even the most challenging spaces, ensuring that everything remains organised and easily accessible whenever needed.


Sink Cabinet

The Sink Cabinet utilises a U-shaped pull-out to optimise storage around the sink area, keeping washing-up items within reach and worktops clutter-free, offering a practical solution for maintaining a tidy and functional kitchen space. Homeowners can create a designated storage area for sponges, dish soap, and other cleaning supplies, making it easier to keep the kitchen clean and organised while minimising clutter on countertops and ensuring that everything remains easily accessible whenever needed.

Blum’s cabinet applications offer customisable options to suit individual storage needs, enhanced by advanced motion technologies for seamless operation and convenience, ensuring every cabinet serves its purpose efficiently while complementing the overall design aesthetic of the home. Whether it’s maximising storage in a small apartment or creating a custom solution for a large family kitchen, Blum’s range of products provides homeowners with the tools they need to create well-organised and functional living spaces that reflect their unique lifestyle and preferences.

Product Configurator

With Blum’s Product Configurator, planning and assembly become hassle-free, providing access to fittings and planning information across different devices without the need for software installation or updates, simplifying the process of creating well-organised and functional living spaces tailored to each homeowner’s needs and preferences. By offering a comprehensive range of products and support services, Blum ensures that homeowners can easily find the right solutions for their storage needs and enjoy the benefits of a well-organised and clutter-free living environment for years to come.


Contact: Blum South Africa.

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