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GRASS’s Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus Drawer System for sleek and stylish storage.

Look no further than GRASS’s Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus Drawer System for sleek and stylish storage.

 Sexy or stylish may not traditionally be words you’d associate with storage and drawers, yet those are exactly the words that spring to mind when looking at GRASS’s new Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus Drawer System.

Synonymous with the Scala Drawer System, Nova Pro is the industry leader in the field when it comes to double-wall drawers, delivering quality, stability and a smooth glide on every draw. 

The company’s latest introduction to the market is the Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus frame-sided drawer with multiple inset options, including glass, which speaks to one of the latest home design trends. As GRASS explains: “Modern architecture is bright, flooded with light and open. Windows have made way for large glazed surfaces. Even the walls inside buildings are increasingly designed as transparent divisions. Transparency has long been a mega trend. Furniture is also becoming more transparent. Whether it incorporates backlit glass fronts or glass shelves, modern furniture shows what’s inside”.

 In keeping with this new trend, but also with consideration for those who don’t necessarily want to display the contents of their drawers, Nova Pro developed the Crystal Plus Drawer System. The clean-lined pull-out drawers feature inset frames that can hold a glass or other panel for a bespoke storage solution. “The new clip technology developed for this version ensures a secure and stable hold without any special preparation. Whether glass or a different material is used for the design element is then entirely a matter of individual taste,” explains the company.

Offering you design flexibility with a number of insets and interchangeable panels, the Nova Pro Scala Drawer System allows for complete individualisation when it comes to home storage.

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