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Grass: furniture movement systems.

Makers of top-quality slide and drawer systems, hinges, flaps, and corner cabinet systems, GRASS is the preeminent name in furniture movement systems.

Classic black and white kitchen by Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG moved by GRASS.

Over the years, GRASS has built close relationships with many of the top international brands and, today, GRASS is responsible for making most of the world’s most prestigious brands move – literally.

These include Mobenia, with whom GRASS recently collaborated on a spectacular new bedroom line, kitchen units manufactured in collaboration with Haecker Kuechen, and the new furniture collection, Crea, by Megamobiliario for whom GRASS also supplied hardware and fittings.

Amazing bedroom design by Mobenia moved by GRASS.

In addition, the company also designs and manufactures unique storage solutions, such as the Scala Storage System.

The Scala Storage System

“This storage option creates 1 cupboard that fits all your groceries, crockery or any other storage needs you may need. With 40Kg capacity per drawer, it gives you 200kg of packing space, more than any other system. A must-have in any kitchen,” explains the company.

GRASS also recently unveiled an addition to their Sige range – the much-anticipated 590 Laundry Bin.

Then there is also GRASS’s new Nova Pro Scala Crystal Plus Drawer System.

All spices stored in our Nova Pro Scala drawer. Kitchen design by Epoq Køkkener. ✨

The frame-sided drawer system offers multiple inset options, including glass, which speaks to one of the latest home design trends. As GRASS notes: “Whether it incorporates backlit glass fronts or glass shelves, modern furniture shows what’s inside. However, the new clip technology developed for this version ensures a secure and stable hold without any special preparation. Whether glass or a different material is used for the design element is then entirely a matter of individual taste,” explains the company.

Nova Pro Scala incorporates the best of Nova Pro. Furniture designs that give the maximum possible scope for creativity. GB Group – the art of bathroom and GRASS Italia.


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